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PDMA is the world’s foremost professional association for product management and development professionals: practitioners, academics and service providers. PDMA’s core value is knowledge, founded on sound academic research and well-proven practical application. The PDMA Knowledge Hub (kHUB) facilitates the creation and exchange of product management and development knowledge and good practice, that provides the basis for individual professional development and for organizational innovation, leading to a competitive edge.

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  • Brian, Interesting article and thanks for sharing.  It would be great also if there were mentioning about capital repurposing ...

  • Hi Everyone,     I know that there is over 2800 members here and I cannot wait to meet everyone and to know the great story and ...

  • Hi Brian,       I just bought the book, it looks amazing from the initial skimming, will try to share later more.  Answering ...

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  • Posted in: Knowledge Hub Community

    African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and other peoples deal with systemic racism every day of their lives. PDMA is committed to unifying activities that create positive experiences for members and non-members alike, thereby enabling growth and ...

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  • Posted in: Knowledge Hub Community

    The past couple of months have had an immense impact in the way we are living now. The impact, though temporary, could in the long run redefine business strategies, making business leaders reprioritize their organizations capabilities to meet changing ...

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  • Posted in: Knowledge Hub Community

    Product Ventures wanted to share a recent project we were honored to work on with the PDMA community. Armor All® is a brand that appeals to car owners who take pride in maintaining their vehicle. They rely on Armor All® to get the job done ...

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