Innovators Respond to World Events

Innovators Respond to World Events

An Open Letter from the Product Development and Management Association

CPG talents meet the needs of the COVID-19 Crisis

PDMA Professionals: Bringing Innovation to the Front Lines of the Global Pandemic

Commercial Strategies for Growth in Changing Economic Times

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  • I found this interesting post in MIT Sloan Management Reivew today Very helpful and thought provoking. It includes some strategies ...

  • This is great Wayne - thanks for posting!  I've registered! ------------------------------ Ernie Harris Founder Interesting ...

  • Ernie, I just wrapped up a Zoom meeting with Ron Idoko, Diversity and Multicultural Programs Manager at the University of ...

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    As part of my personal and professional growth, I've been spending time educating myself on topics related to social equality ...

  • Thank you for the thought provoking comments and article, Ernie. We all have so much to learn and simple actions can be taken ...

Innovators Respond to World Events Summary

This section provides members the chance to connect and share ideas about how they, as product development professionals, can come together and provide ideas, relief and services during times of crisis and changing political, social and economic times.

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