Agile Strategies & Startup Thinking in Large Companies (Part 2)

Agile Strategies & Startup Thinking in Large Companies (Part 2)

Agile Strategies & Startup Thinking in Large Companies (Part 2)

Irene Spitsberg, InnoVentures

Originally presented: October 13, 2015
Watch time: 48 minutes

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Large companies are not start-ups and never will be! They are designed and operate differently. To innovate effectively, large companies can’t simply replicate start-up principles. Rather, they must adapt start-up principles in ways that are smart and tailored to their organization.

During two webcasts, Irene will share a practical, unified framework that any company can apply to build a more efficient, agile and impactful innovation system - and one that works with your structure and specific innovation objectives. Informed by her first-hand experience delivering innovations (both failures and successes) within leading global corporations, Irene will share a foundation to “move the needle” toward the execution success.

Part 2 – Building Your Innovation System – will include:

  • How a system-based approach to innovation can help any company become successful with innovation delivery
  • Generating and scaling ideas effectively
  • Developing capability to deal with uncertainty and manage risk
  • Bridging the credibility gap with stakeholders to sustain investment in high-risk programs when competing for scarce resources
  • Incorporating five success principles into a coherent system that works with your organizational structure and innovation objectives 

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