Mr. Rolando Cruzado


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I am an Industrial Engineering with a Ms. degree in Innovation & change at York Business School (York, UK). I like to help productive organizations to achieve high competitiveness levels by using Product innovation practices. That is why I have 11 years- experience working with different sectors through PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Peruvian council of science, technology & technological innovation (Concytec), where I support the development of international collaborations between Peru with USA (MIT, Singularity University, and Melinda & Gates Foundation) and the UK (Newton Fund, and UK Research & Innovation office). I enjoy doing product innovation that is why I am also a professor, mentor of different startups & incubator offices; and founder of my own investments. My hope is that this world becomes better by making people have better nutrition, education, and incomes. I entered PDMA (2012) to connect and collaborate with innovators worldwide, and I am still here (2020) because of the organization, knowledge, and members! Below is one interview of me talking about Peruvian's technological innovation to combat cold and frost phenomena in the Andean regions of Peru: