Lessons Learned from PDMA Corporate Innovator Award Winners

Lessons Learned from PDMA Corporate Innovator Award Winners

Lessons Learned from PDMA Corporate Innovator Award Winners

Speakers: Brian Utz, Sopheon

Originally presented: December 7, 2023
Watch time: 52 minutes

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Choosing the right innovation management platform is critical for companies that want to stay ahead of the curve and achieve their innovation goals. In this webinar, we will discuss the key features to consider when selecting an innovation management platform that suits your organization's needs.

Whether you are looking to streamline your innovation processes, enhance collaboration, or manage innovation risk, making the right innovation investment is crucial for connecting strategy and execution, prioritizing and planning portfolios, allocating and managing resources, and making informed governance decisions.

Learning Objectives

  • Common threads from PDMA Outstanding Corporate Innovator award winners
  • How to predict successful portfolio outcomes to meet your strategic expectations
  • Portfolio management advancements that drive innovation success
  • How to govern your innovation with a structured approach for efficiency, consistency, and repeatability
  • The importance of creating a transparent, collaborative innovation environment to support fact-based decision-making
  • The key features to look for in an innovation management platform

About Brian Utz

Brian Utz

Brian Utz, Sopheon

As a seasoned product professional, Brian has worked in business verticals ranging from Retail to Finance and now helps lead a B2B SaaS company's product efforts. Through that experience, he's seen the best parts of small companies operating in start-up mode and the advantages of the scale large organizations can leverage to benefit their customers. Always with an eye toward innovation, Brian uses all of this experience and learning to help his team bring the best possible products and experiences to market.

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