Essential Insight for Product Professionals

Essential Insight for Product Professionals: Supporting the Adaptive Enterprise

Essential Insight for Product Professionals: Supporting the Adaptive Enterprise

Scott Propp, Dentro Consulting, LLC

Originally presented: June 19, 2020
Watch time: 1 hour

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The events that have taken place in 2020 have not only taken a toll on individuals, but also on businesses, projects and products regardless of size. No matter what type of disruption businesses are facing, whether in the environment, market, or within the enterprise, most strategies and plans have been rendered obsolete, thrusting teams into uncertain futures in which adaptation is the new normal. This includes every aspect of our organizations, including how we research, design, and execute new products and programs.

This 60-minute webinar is designed to help product leaders and those who sponsor them understand how to be a high-value part of the solution that organizations need to serve customers and adapt to the changing market.

As part of the webinar and interactive discussion, former Fortune 100 and strategist, Scott Propp, will:

  • Introduce a pandemic-tested framework that has been used by more than 50 organizations and firms to structure their approach to recovery and identify the most viable products and programs going forward
  • Unpack a thought model you can use to make “in the field” decisions that you can trust
  • Facilitate Q&A and discussion so you can  get answers to the specific challenges and situations your team is facing
  • 3 Vectors for identifying the right solutions - for right now
  • Getting off the “X” - How to make key decisions and avoid the perfection trap
  • How to contribute in a way that moves the organization forward vs just being busy with activity

About the Presenter

Scott Propp

Scott Propp is a former Fortune 100 executive and strategist with deep expertise in functions as diverse as R&D and sales who has successfully led large-scale “industry-first” projects in 22 different countries using 12 proprietary business models.  Scott’s unique business background has provided diverse hands-on P&L accountable experiences in leading design, advanced manufacturing, and international operations.

As the founder of Dentro Consulting, Scott serves leaders and their teams He is the founder of through keynotes, workshops and strategic consulting

Scott’s academic background includes graduate-level degrees in engineering and business, as well as post-graduate executive training at the Kellogg School of Management and Harvard University.

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