A "Jobs To Be Done" Case Study

When You Built It, But They Didn't Come

A "Jobs To Be Done" Case Study

Steve Hansen, Phase 5

kHUB post date: October 31, 2023
Originally presented: October 26, 2023
Watch time: 60 minutes

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In this webcast Steve Hansen, partner at Phase 5, will walk through how and why to bring the voice of end users into your product roadmap via a case study from research recently completed for a B2B software services company. The approach generated clear areas for product development to address customers' unmet needs along with granular information on which customer segments would be interested in specific features.

This presentation will discuss:

  • Why Jobs To Be Done can be an ideal framework
  • When end-users' (as opposed to decision-makers') jobs should be tackled
  • How a well-structured initial working session can reduce cost and get critical buy-in
  • 3 tips for better structure and analysis of end-user Jobs To Be Done interviews
  • 4 tips for quantifying job priority
  • 5 tips for getting stakeholders to ideate on JTBDs - rather than their own pet projects

Learning Objectives

  • When and how to use Jobs To Be Done most effectively
  • Pros and cons of focusing on decision makers vs. end-users
  • How to create buy-in from the beginning
  • How to best structure end-user JTBD interviews
  • How to prioritize results
  • How to focus stakeholders on the results

About the Presenter

Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen is a partner at Phase 5, the chair of the firm’s Data Analytics practice, and President of Phase 5 US. Steve enjoys taking a “Zen mind, beginner’s mind” approach to innovation, especially when it has the potential to disrupt a market ecosystem. His professional background includes: Lecturer in Innovation in the Peking University Guanghua MBA program, Director of Market Research at Thomson Reuters, and various technology product management roles. Steve is regularly invited to speak at industry events on customer centricity throughout the innovation cycle.

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