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Customers Transform Your Tomorrow 

08-10-2020 11:06

Customers Transform Your Tomorrow
Kevin Budelmann, President, Peopledesign

Original Presentation Date: November 5, 2019 at the 2019 PDMA Annual Conference

It’s not news that we’re moving from an industrial economy to an information economy, but the impact is not well understood. In fact, we’re just at the beginning of this change. Older paradigms and ways of working are less effective. Emerging processes offer new patterns for work, teams and tools. While much transformation is powered by new technology, Design Thinking and other human-centered approaches are more important than ever. Leaders decide what problems to solve, and organizations need new priorities. Customer Meaning and Customer Experience are critical for any business to remain vital today, but too often these strategic needs are nobody’s job. Customer Meaning is about staying relevant in the mind of the customer. It’s a question involving your brand, value propositions, company purpose and communications. How do you define your customer? What do you want them to think? Once you’re clear about a perception goal, consider what you need to do differently to fulfill on that promise. Today’s Customer Experience is about physical, digital and personal interactions. A new set of priorities may lead to new teams, tactics and tools. It’s about planning, measuring, learning and adapting to create a coherent experience that delivers on a value proposition. Customers seek meaningful experiences. Products, brands and the companies behind them need to connect the dots.

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