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Human Resources Research in Technological Innovation Ecosystem

TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION OF TURKEY | NOVEMBER 2020 The “Human Resources Research in Technological Innovation Ecosystem (in Turkey)", which was conducted by TTGV of Turkey to understand the thoughts, behaviors and expectations of those who supply and demand highly qualified human...

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PDMA St. Louis: Using Vision-Led Product Management to Build a Balanced Roadmap

PDMA ST. LOUIS | VIRTUAL EVENT | JANUARY 12, 2021 Description How does your product team juggle innovation, iterative changes and all the operational considerations that come with modern SaaS platforms? In this talk, former Chicago resident Rajesh Nerlikar , Chief Product Advisor / Coach at...

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PDMA Body of Knowledge: Product Innovation Management Insights #1

The kHUB Curator Team members have each been assigned a BoK section to own. This includes seeking, editing and sharing content related to that section. The curators are also sharing their perspective of various sub-sections of their chapter and contributing personal examples, experience, or...

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PDMA Atlanta Cafe: Linking Corporate Mission & Vision to Product Strategy

PDMA ATLANTA | VIRTUAL EVENT | JULY 24, 2020 Description Grab your coffee and join us on this event with Dr. Pero Micic for a discussion about practical ways to disaggregate a Corporate Mission and Vision into a Product Innovation and Management Strategy. Agenda PDMA Atlanta Cafe Update &...

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The Effect of Family Involvement on Innovation Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Board Social Capital

BY PROF. DR. DAVID BENDIG, DR. J. NILS FOEGE, DR. STEFAN ENDRIß and PROF. DR. MALTE BRETTEL | PUBLISHED IN PDMA JPIM • VOL. 37, ISSUE 3 • MAY 2020 Innovation is an essential and yet puzzling part of family firms’ strategic focus. While family firms are generally characterized as conservative...