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5G Wireless

5G wireless moves into initial implementation and first release of phones. Some sections of the US have some capability today. Leading phone makers are incorporating 5G into their newest phones.

Key Takeaway: 5G will require new smartphones and other equipment in your company. Budget for this. Keep track of the roll out in your area.

Foldable Smartphones

Samsung’s foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold has been delayed. Huawei also announced a phone. Lg patented a transparent foldable phone. Even with some initial quality problems, this “foldable technology” is still an interesting technology.

Key Takeaway: think about the use of foldable glass screen and sensor technology for other products with displays.

3D Metal Printing

3D printers are expanding into new areas. Many professionals are adopting metal 3D printing technology to create 3D printed prototypes or customized parts on demand. Metal 3D printers are still relatively expensive. They are suitable for many industries such as aerospace, automobile, health, and engineering.

Key Takeaway: 3D printers are changing quickly and allow faster prototyping and customization.

Product: Eelume Subsea Intervention

Company: Eelume

Self propelled snake-like robotic arms that can cover long distances and do subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair work.

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