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Product: IBM Watson's AI Technology Is Tracking Over 20,000 Shots at The Masters to Automate the Highlights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to impress. An example of this is IBM Watson tracking shots at the Masters. The company produces three-minute highlight videos for each round of the tournament. This effort began at last year’s Masters when IBM analyzed nearly 4,000 shots and this year that figure was near 20,000.

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Key takeaway: Think about AI is a more expansive way – how can this technology help you?

Product: Blockchain

Blockchain technologies and the related cryptocurrencies are impacting the financial industry and other industries thru decentralizing interactions between customers and firms. In PwC’s 2018 survey of 600 executives from 15 territories, 84% say their organizations have at least some involvement with blockchain technology. Distributed ledger technology can transform the way transactions are completed and counted. This technology can also be used for applications like distributed identity and security.

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Key Takeaway: Are there uses for this type of distributed technology in your company?

Product: Electron

Company: RocketLabs

Introducing Electron, Rocket Lab's latest launch vehicle - delivering small satellites to low Earth orbit at an unprecedented frequency.

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Product: Google Translate

Company: Google

This product can read street signs and other information in many languages.

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Product: Google Lens

Company: Google

Your smart phone camera looks at a picture or photo and Google will tell you want it is; can be extended to look at objects and clothing — and you can use this tool to find similar products to buy.

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Product: 5G Internet initial rollout

Company: Verizon

Verizon announced that the first commercial 5G network, called Verizon 5G home, went live on October 1 in portions of Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis, and Los Angeles.

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Product: Hypervsn™

Company: Hypervsn™

A cutting-edge visual solution for creating, managing and displaying your unique 3D video content with holographic effect.

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