Pricing Your Products for Maximum Return

Pricing Your Products for Maximum Return

PDMA Minnesota | February 16, 2022


Pricing has a greater impact on success than any other aspect of your business. Yet, few companies give pricing the attention it deserves. In this thought-provoking session, you'll learn why pricing is far more than just choosing a number, and how to:

  • Create a pricing model that drives sustaining competitive advantages
  • Segment your target market for maximum return
  • Optimize your pricing model for market share, revenue, or profit

Sharing insights gained through decades of product leadership across a range of industries, Alan Albert of MarketFit will share theory, real-world examples, and practical steps showing how understanding Customer Perception of Value can help you deliver maximum value to your customers — and generate maximum value in return. Guarantee: Regardless of your level of pricing expertise, you will learn new, actionable steps to boost your company’s success.

About the Speaker

Jeff SussnaAlan Albert

Alan Albert has led the creation of multiple top-selling and award-winning products, generating over $1 billion in revenue. He has co-founded three software companies, selling one — FileMaker Pro — to Apple Computer. Alan draws on over 30 years of managerial, advisory, and hands-on success in bringing innovative products to market, in organizations ranging from startups through global enterprises.

Alan now leads MarketFit, providing executive and team coaching to growing B2B and B2C product and services organizations. A recognized thought leader in maximizing customer perception of value and innovative value-based pricing, Alan also serves as board member and strategic advisor to high-growth businesses worldwide.

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