Practical Jobs-to-be-Done

Practical Jobs-to-be-Done

PDMA Minnesota | March 16, 2022


Jobs-to-be-Done philosophy holds the key to a question that all innovators ask, “What do my customers want?” JTBD provides a logical path to this answer: beginning with discovering a customer’s ultimate objective and, from there, determining how they measure success. In this session, you’ll learn the basics of Jobs-to-be-Done philosophy along with practical tips for execution.

You'll learn

  • Why Jobs-to-be-Done Philosophy is here to stay
  • How to see products as your customers do
  • How JTBD applies to the entire innovation process

Event Timeline

  • 5:30 - Beginning of virtual networking
  • 6:00 - Announcements and presentation
  • 6:45 - Q&A
  • 7:00 - Adjourn

About the Speaker

Scott BurlesonScott Burleson

Scott Burleson is the author of The Statue in the Stone: Decoding Customer Motivation with the 48 Laws of Jobs-to-be-Done Philosophy.

Scott is an experienced trainer, coach, and innovation practitioner. His greatest personal new product success was the John Deere 1-Series, which enjoyed a 200%+ sales increase over the previous model.

His innovation philosophy is that Innovation is the ultimate holistic exercise. It combines the strategic and the tactical, the artistic with the analytical, the ability to solve problems with the creation of customer experiences. The path to competency can be guided by books and gurus, but, to be an expert, a person must walk it for themselves.

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