Adjusting Product Development Tactics to Reflect New Office Realities

Adjusting Product Development Tactics to Reflect New Office Realities

PDMA St.Louis | April 13, 2021

Even in the old normal office environment, teams struggle with the challenge of idea exchanges, informal meetings, and communications. Now with remote working growing and likely sticking the challenge is even greater. Employees will continue to work in a variety of modes including office pods, remote locations, and hybrid models. How do managers, product developers, and team members find ways to enhance their productivity and effectiveness?

About the Presenters

Sue Harken-Houser

Sue Harken-Houser is an interior designer with Steelcase. Sue has over 20 years of experience as a design professional in St. Louis and Denver, Colorado. She developed a passion for Workplace Strategy by supporting clients as they seek to leverage real estate assets to meet organizational goals. Her area of expertise is the utilization of space and environments that are strategically designed to support new ways to work including innovation, collaboration, cross functional teams, and individual focus in the workplace.

Steelcase works with leading global organizations and publishes workplace research on how companies are supporting work, workers, and workplace. Steelcase’s latest publication “Work Better” explores what is ahead as organizations plan for how to bring people back to the workplace safely.

Damian Dingley

Damian Dingley's infectious enthusiasm to help change organizational culture can be demonstrated across multiple organizations within the United States and abroad. From emerging startups struggling to stay on track to corporations needing to understand an ever-changing market and technology environment. With a background in software engineering, working for companies such as Rolls Royce Aviation in the UK and EDAX Scientific Instrumentation in the US these past 10 years have seen Damian focus on better ways to deliver the product. With Veracity Solutions and the application of Agile, Lean UX and DevOps, tuning these platforms to the specific needs of the organization is key, along with surfacing the results of change through critical business-value metrics.

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