What’s in a Name? Product Owner vs Product Manager

What’s in a Name? Product Owner vs Product Manager

PDMA St. Louis | June 14, 2022

Over the last 25+ years, Scrum has become very popular. As a result, organizations are increasingly looking to how the Scrum accountabilities interface with existing or new job titles. And Scrum Master and Product Owner have become job titles themselves. But is a Product Owner a Product Manager? And who is accountable for the Product Ownership in your team or organization?

In this talk, Eric Naiburg COO of Scrum.org and recovering Product Owner discusses the role, its genesis, and how successful organizations have injected these accountabilities into their organizational structure. He also talks about how the ideas of agility are transforming the role of Product Manager to a key change agent in the digital age.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide a clear description and genesis of the Product Owner Accountabilities.
  • Understand the boundaries between Product Ownership and Product management
  • Identify clear areas for focus on whatever the job title is

About the Presenter

Eric Naiburg

Eric Naiburg

Eric is co-author of UML for Database Design and UML for Mere Mortal. Eric is responsible for all aspects of marketing, support, outbound communications, partners and operations for Scrum.org. Eric was program director at IBM and Rational Software where he was originally hired in 1999 by original Scrum Team member John Scumniotales for who he worked for several years and worked closely with another original Scrum Team member Jeff McKenna sitting in the next desk. At IBM and Rational Eric was responsible for application lifecycle management (ALM), DevOps, Data Governance and Agile solutions. Previously he held the role of director of marketing for INetU (now ViaWest). Before INetU, Eric has held product management and marketing roles with other organizations including: Ivar Jacobson Consulting, CAST Software and Logic Works Inc. (Acquired by Platinum Technologies and CA), as product manager for Erwin.

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