Using Vision-Led Product Management to Build a Balanced Roadmap

Using Vision-Led Product Management to Build a Balanced Roadmap

PDMA St. Louis | January 12, 2021

How does your product team juggle innovation, iterative changes and all the operational considerations that come with modern SaaS platforms?  In this talk, former Chicago resident Rajesh Nerlikar, Chief Product Advisor / Coach at Prodify and co-author of the new bestselling book, Build What Matters, explains how the Vision-Led Product Management framework he and his co-founder Ben Foster created can help.  Based on their decades of experience as product management leaders and as advisors / coaches to nearly 70 companies over the past 6 years, they formed a framework to help  teams balance their work between making progress towards a long-term vision, responding quickly to customer and user feedback and managing the performance, security, uptime and internal operational needs that every team faces. 

Learn How To:

  • Perform a top-down allocation of product development capacity to produce a roadmap everyone will buy into
  • Prioritize across different types of product development efforts - innovation (new features, game-changing new products), iteration (conversion funnel optimization, minor feedback requests) and operations (performance, tech debt and internal tools)

About the Presenter

Rajesh Nerlikar

Rajesh Nerlika has more than 15 years of product management experience. He is currently the chief product advisor at Prodify, where he has advised more than 30 companies in the past 3 years. Prior to that, he was a technology consultant at Accenture, an entrepreneur, a product manager at Opower, a senior product manager at HelloWallet, and a director of product at Morningstar. Connect with Rajesh on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Here are some additional resources:

  • Build What Matters book – An Amazon Bestseller endorsed by the likes of Marty Cagan and Melissa Perri
  • Prodify – Helping companies become more product-driven through advising, coaching, consulting and training

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