PDMA Pittsburgh: How Inclusion Drives High-Performance Product Teams



Organizational psychologist, Dr. Victoria Mattingly, will discuss the importance of inclusion and how it can positively impact product teams. She will share best practices that you can put to use right away.  During this event, you will learn how diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) can benefit your career and work. You'll feel empowered to use inclusive behaviors with your colleagues. You'll also be able to share examples of inclusive design to those who are curious how DEI results in better products.

About the Presenter

Dr. Victoria Mattingly

Dr. Victoria Mattingly holds her PhD in organizational psychology, meaning she's trained in the science of improving the human experience at work. She is CEO and founder of Mattingly Solutions, a management consulting firm that measures workplace inclusion and trains majority group members and leaders to be allies to help build a workplace culture where everyone can thrive.
Learn more at www.mattinglysolutions.com