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Thinking like a product manager: how to build a product?

How do I get my first user? How do I earn my first pot of gold?


  1. How to make a product from scratch?

how to have the first user?

how to connect with the user?

how to iterate in the user driver process?

  1. Almost all Internet bigwigs and entrepreneurs of new brands call themselves "product manager." 

Why is this identity so important? 

My book will give you the answer. 

  1. Product ability is a kind of base-level ability of life. 

Whether you are a product manager or not, you should have this ability. 

At least, you are your own product manager! 

  1. In my opinion, the focus of product ability training is to grasp the main points of chaotic information, find opportunities, and integrate resources. 

In this book, I will teach it to you unreservedly. 

  1. I will systematically explain many cases in China, such as Tencent, Meituan, Xiaomi, Wechat and so on, to give you a sense of product capability.