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Welcome to Culture, Organizations & Teams

  • 1.  Welcome to Culture, Organizations & Teams

    Posted 05-01-2019 17:54
    Culture eats strategy for breakfast, as Peter Drucker once said. That's not to belittle the importance of good strategy, however it suggest that without a supporting culture, your strategy execution is in for a hard time.

    Another old adage is "Structure follows strategy" which I believe came from Alfred Chandler - i.e. you should organize yourself around what you are strategically trying to achieve.

    Welcome to the PDMA Culture, Organizations & Teams Community discussion board! This is the place to discuss, debate and inform one another around topics relating to all topics of that nature.

    So I pose the first question to this new community: is it all about Culture first and foremost, then strategy and only then structure? Share your insights and experiences please!

    Brian Martin