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  • 1.  Innovation and Design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Posted 04-17-2021 17:19
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    Hi Everyone,

    I came across the following article: Innovation and Design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, by Roberto Verganti, Luca Vendraminelli, and Marco Iansiti. I was intrigued by this topic because I recently did a research paper for one of my MBA courses this semester regarding AI and how it has impacted the industry. In the article they go into great detail about how AI impacts design - particularly analyzing Netflix & Airbnb. Netflix relies heavily on AI to create custom user experiences for each individual via the use of an algorithm that collects data and gets to know the users likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. all in an effort to design a platform that knows exactly what it's users want even if they don't even know themselves. The article mentions that Netflix uses three different concepts when calculating predictions for it's users: 
    • Supervised Learning 
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Reinforced Learning 

    After reading this article and reflecting upon the different conversations I've had over the course of this semester I wanted to end this post with a few discussion questions:
    1. If AI continues to play a greater role in our lives, how do you see this impacting our future? 
    2. Do you think AI will ever become so advanced that autonomous technologies will take over a vast majority of the job industry as we know it? 
    3. Do you believe that AI has impacted design? How do you think it will impact design in the future? 

    Thank you!

    Verganti, Roberto, et al. (2020), Innovation and Design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. J PROND INNOV MANAG.

    Bailey Kehrig
    MBA Student
    Oakland University


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  • 2.  RE: Innovation and Design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Posted 04-17-2021 23:16
    Hello Bailey, 
    It's interesting that you asked your discussion questions as you did. My answer to your first question directly relates to your second question. AI will eliminate the need for certain jobs but should create more in other areas. Engineers and designers have to create and manage the AI. This leads me to believe AI will not "take over" the job industry, but will change the roles and responsibilities of the previous jobs. Companies will continue to find new ways to utilize AI and current design solutions will require employees to manage the AI and keep the algorithm within the set parameters. 
    As AI continues to advance, customization and human-centered design will continue more than ever. AI already provides ads based on previous searches, interests, and across devices. I am interested to see how much further connected solutions will become. If cable networks could tap into the insights companies like Netflix have, they may be able to provide a better user experience for their users and provide more relevant advertising to each individual. This process has already started with Addressable advertising. Two neighboring houses can be watching the same TV program, but have different searches and interests. With addressable advertising, they each would see a different ad based on their own interests. AI will only further fuel capabilities like these and continue to provide companies with more insight on the consumer.

    Jamie Risdon
    Oakland University