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  • 1.  Innovation Management Tools

    Posted 06-13-2020 05:30

    Has anyone any recommendations for Innovation Management tools/platforms?

    I am interested in something that could underpin an Innovation Management System within an organisation, to include aspects such as running challenges, idea submission, validation, collaboration, evaluation, prioritisation and the whole aspect of portfolio management, reporting and business value measurement. Some form of gamification I expect might also drive engagement, which is a key metric.  We are an SME, so don't have a huge budget.

    Any suggestions worth looking at from your own experiences and/or research?

    Brian Martin

  • 2.  RE: Innovation Management Tools

    Posted 06-17-2020 12:18
    Hi Brian,

    There are dozens and dozens of "Innovation Management (Software) Tools" available today and more pop up frequently.  Whereas in the past these tools were cumbersome to manage, to train, and to institute there are multiple cloud based solutions available that do not burden your IT infrastructure and are easy/intuitively used. When you Google "Innovation Management Tools" you get a whole list of references but also hits that offer comparisons which might make your selection simpler.  For example: (this is a bit dated - 2018) (more recent)

    Not sure what process you are using now - your message implies that you have one - but if you don't have anything you could start small with a homemade process and Excel based management tool.  That's what the innovation group did that I last worked for (even though we were part of a multi-billion $ global organization).  Happy to chat about the experience!



    Andreas Maihoefer
    Pittsburgh PA