Unleashing your Product Genius

Unleashing Your Product Genius

Unleashing Your Product Genius

Scott Propp

kHUB post date: June 28, 2021
Originally presented: June 17, 2021
Watch time: 48 Minutes

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A year into the pandemic, it’s painfully clear that our teams are distracted, discouraged and at risk of being burnt out. With the ongoing fatigue and distraction of the pandemic, it can be very challenging for product teams to know what are the right products, where do we make our investments and how can we contribute to the bottom line.

In this session, Scott will introduce you to a client-tested framework that will help you accurately assess your current situation and zero in on the precise next steps that will have the most powerful effect on your firm’s future growth and vitality.

Drawing on experience as a former Fortune 100 executive and leader who’s worked in 12 business models across 22 countries, Scott will show you how to:

  • Gain clarity on the specific ways the chaos of 2020 has affected your team
  • Understand the three potential paths the pandemic has created - and which one your organization is on and how that impacts your next steps
  • Understand the three levers needed to expedite progress on your strategic path
  • Identify the X factors to accurately diagnose your current situation

About the Speaker

Scott Propp

Scott Propp helps executives and their teams create leveraged direction, actionable confidence and internal clarity. Scott lives at the intersection of strategy and implementation – providing unique and powerful insights that equip firms to not only plan, but execute.

A former Fortune 100 technology and operations executive, Scott has deep expertise in functions as diverse as R&D and sales and has successfully led large-scale “industry first” projects in 22 different countries using 12 proprietary business models. Scott’s unique business background has provided diverse hands-on P&L accountable experiences in leading design, advanced manufacturing and international operations.

As an advisor and strategist, he helps leaders in complex firms to successfully implement their strategy by using a client-tested, applied model that integrates transformative projects, unstoppable teams and customized plans.

Scott’s academic background includes graduate-level degrees in engineering and business, as well as post-graduate executive training at the Kellogg School of Management and Harvard University

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