Hybrid R&D: The Path to Breakthrough Innovation

Hybrid R&D: The Path to Breakthrough Innovation

Hybrid R&D: The Path to Breakthrough Innovation

Mark Adkins, Smart Hammer Innovation

Originally presented: May 1, 2014
Watch time: 32 minutes

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Mark Adkins, NPDP, founder & president of Smart Hammer Innovation, shares his experiences of breakthrough innovations being developed at companies recognized as outstanding corporate innovators. This webcast is designed for individuals that are in organizations that are characterized by:

  • An idea-to-launch process that is so refined, that breakthrough innovation ideas may not be advanced
  • Typically, all available funding is committed to core products
  • Breakthrough products are required to enable abundant growth in the future 

Topics that Mark will discuss include how to restructure a traditional R&D group to include the role of commercial managers and why a robust Stage Zero is critical to filter and promote breakthrough ideas. Walk away from this webcast with important action items:

  • Construct an organizational chart for a Hybrid R&D group
  • Sketch a process model that will guide Hybrid R&D activities
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the new organization 

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