How Lean Agile Changes the Product Manager's Job

How Lean Agile Changes the Product Manager's Job

How Lean Agile Changes the Product Manager's Job

Andy Singleton, Assembla Incorporated

Originally presented: November 7, 2013
Watch time: 23 minutes

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At Assembla, they are doing things that are not in the textbooks... YET.

The product manager’s job changes dramatically when companies move to short product cycles and lean Agile processes. How do you adapt to these changes? What new powers do product manager’s gain, and how can you use them effectively?

We will discuss:

  • The basics of Lean Agile
  • How to release more frequently
  • Requirements gathering as a team sport
  • Delivering a great user experience with “Story Owners”
  • Real-time feedback: How to get it, how to use it
  • Feature switches: A technique for better testing and staged releases 

You will learn:

  • What is Lean Agile, and how it makes companies more competitive
  • How Lean Agile processes change the product manager’s job
  • How to recruit and manage “story owners” to ensure the delivery of features with high value to customers 

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