Supercharge Your Communication Skills with the Power of Authenticity

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Supercharge Your Communication Skills with the Power of Authenticity

Seth B. Greenwald, PMP, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Originally presented: February 23, 2023
Watch time: 50 minutes

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Every product manager knows that they must wield the power of communication with great effect. After all, according to PMI’s annual global survey, communication is the #1 skill that employers are looking for in their project professionals. The way in which we present our ideas is critically important when speaking with our team, our stakeholders, and our vertical chain.

The best product managers have learned to engage their audiences with authenticity. They know how to tap into their ‘true impromptu self’. You can too, by learning to recognize and avoid the obstacles which stand in your way.

Join Seth at this seriously fun session as he shows you how to supercharge your communication skills with the power of authenticity.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the five major obstacles which stand in their way from discovering their authenticity as a communicator in order to better connect with their audience.
  • Use the power of the present moment to neutralize their inner critical voice that holds them back from expressing their off-the-cuff ideas.
  • Quickly switch to their creative thinking mode to improve their impromptu communication skills during a presentation.
  • Accept and embrace their unique point of view to break away from group-think.

About the Presenter

Seth B. Greenwald

Seth B. Greenwald, PMP is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and communication coach for managers, engineers and other technical professionals. He's earned a Mechanical Engineer degree from The Cooper Union and an Industrial Design degree from Pratt Institute. Seth currently serves as Project Manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He's the author of three books on public speaking and presentation skills. Seth’s most recent publication “An Engineer’s Formula for Public Speaking Excellence” is a practical manual for technical leaders to discover their unique voice to present with clarity, confidence and conviction.

Seth is a 15 year veteran member of Toastmasters and has earned the organization's highest speaker designation. In his spare time, Seth teaches a unique speaking program, Improv2Improve which he's designed specifically for his fellow technical professionals. His students learn to improve their impromptu communication skills with by participating in some seriously fun group exercises focused on finding their authentic speaking self to better connect with their audiences. For more information on his course, visit:

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