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The Critical Intersection of Diversity and Innovation

PDMA with Mark Adkins

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kHUB post date: October 11, 2022
Originally published: October 3, 2022
Listen time: 25 minutes

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Mark Adkins is the Director and Chair of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), an international community of professionals, professors, students, and service providers. PDMA supports the education of its members while expanding their networks. Mark is also the CEO of LeanMed, a medical device company that aims to use innovative technologies to provide essential treatment to underserved regions.

Mark joins me today to discuss PDMA's mission, its members, and its humble beginnings. He explains the importance of networking in expanding your skills and reach. He shares how the pandemic was a mixed blessing for PDMA. He describes what people can expect from their annual conference. Mark also highlights the trends he sees around the PDMA world and reveals what he wishes he had known early in his career.

"When you're part of a chapter, you meet people doing what you do, but you never know it." - Mark Adkins

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • PDMA’s mission and humble beginnings
  • How Mark got involved in PDMA
  • What the chapter in Pittsburgh is all about
  • Why the pandemic was a mixed blessing
  • The Knowledge Hub (kHUB)
  • The Journal of Product Innovation Management’s reputation
  • The changes and trends Mark sees around the PDMA world
  • What to expect from their annual conference
  • What Mark wishes he knew earlier in his career

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