Influencing for Results

Featuring Speaker Brad Matthews, Managing Director, Co-Innovation Institute AS

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Session Description:

Are you getting the results you want with others? What important initiatives are at risk if they don’t get the support they need? Your ability to leverage opportunities and manage risks depends, at least in part, on your effectiveness in influencing the support needed from others. In other words, results will be, in some way, a function of your influence. Join Brad Matthews as he explores how to ensure the functional expertise of organizations, teams and individuals is more effectively utilized, produces greater positive impact and nurtures more effective, enjoyable work relationships. In this interactive session, practical influence management strategies and techniques will be experientially explored and you will have the opportunity to identify how you intend to become even more successful in influencing for the results you want.

Alexandra Lung
About Bradford Matthews

Brad’s experience includes significant consulting and executive coaching, as well as business management roles, including founding/directing two consulting firms with their global teams. He has worked in 21 countries, serving an exceptionally wide range of industries and organizational functions, in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Collaborative influence, innovation management, change leadership, and organizational engagement are specialties. See LinkedIn (BradfordMatthews) for more information.

A partial list of clients includes:

  • IT/IM – HP (Hewlett Packard), Agilent, Cisco, Symantec, Induct Software
  • Financial Services – Charles Schwab, CitiBank, Progressive Insurance, GM Finance
  • Healthcare – Salem Hospital (Mass. General Hospital), Oslo University Hospital, Kaiser-Permanente
  • Automotive – Ford, GM-UAW
  • Energy – Chevron, ARCO, Pacific Power
  • Telecom – MCI, AT&T, Ericsson
  • Consulting Services. – HP Consulting, Agilent, Right Management, E&Y
  • Publishing – MacWorld, PCWorld, Wired
  • Education – Mass. Experimental School System, US Office of Educ., Mass. Dept. of Educ.
  • Innovation – Induct Software, BJC Hospital, Oslo Univ. Hospital, Cisco
  • Materials – Borealis, Tyco
  • Bio-Tech – Genencor, Genentech, Sanofi, CSL Behring