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Motivating Teams - TEDTalks with Practitioner Insights

By Rose Klimovich posted 12-20-2023 12:10


Motivating Teams - TEDTalks with Practitioner Insights

Read Time: 2 Minutes

The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink

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Keeping team members motivated is challenging for leaders. Looking at the science of teams, Dan Pick offers some ways to motivate people. Dan Pink’s 2009 TED talk uses humor and personal experience to explain how the business model of carrot and stick stifles motivation rather than driving it. Pink explains that for more complicated problems needing cognitive skills, giving the team leader flexibility and adapting your motivational model to more intrinsic motivation is the best way to keep your team driven.

Watch Time: 18 minutes

The Simple Way to Inspire Your Team by David Burkus

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When people do a job, they need to understand the purpose of what they are doing. But it turns out that most people are less inspired by a compelling answer to “Why?” and more motivated by a clear answer to the question “Who is served by the work that we do?”

Watch Time: 11 minutes

Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees by Kerry Goyette

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People have different motivation styles. A leader needs to understand how each person is motivated and put them on projects that match a person’s style. Overall, there are 2 categories of motivation - seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. On the pleasure side traits like ambition and accountability dominate. On the avoid pain side: mitigating risk and resolving problem solving are important.

Watch Time: 17 minutes


Rose Klimovich 

Rose Klimovich is Visiting Professor of Marketing and Management at Manhattan College in New York. She is also a Digital Marketing and Strategy consultant to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Formerly, as the Vice President – Product Management and Product Marketing for Telx, Rose Klimovich created the Telx business strategy and developed the investment plan for new products and services in areas including colocation, cloud, Ethernet, and video conferencing. Rose’s team supported vertical markets including Financial Services, Media and Service Providers.

Prior to this, Rose was the Vice President of Business Strategy for AT&T, responsible for strategy development and investment decisions in new markets and technologies. Rose has more than 20 years of experience and achievement in designing, scaling and managing Internet, VPN and data businesses. Rose led AT&T to the #1 share position in VPN and to a leadership position in Internet Services.

Rose has an MBA and a BS in Math/Economics from Carnegie-Mellon University. Rose is Joint Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Venture Fund.

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