PDMA Pittsburgh: The Human Side of AI, Autonomous Systems, and Robotics

When:  May 19, 2022 from 17:30 to 20:00 (ET)
Associated with  Pittsburgh

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PDH Credit: 1

Human Factors and Design Considerations in the emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, and Robotics

Event Description:

A technology sector centered around robotics and autonomous systems has been rapidly developing and growing in the Pittsburgh area over the last several years. There are now over 100 companies developing robotics in some form, and over 70 companies developing autonomous systems (including autonomous robots) in the Pittsburgh area today. The talk around this activity is often centered around artificial intelligence (AI), software algorithm development, and the technology-based talent required to develop these solutions. Pittsburgh is becoming a hub for this activity, in part, because of the large amount of software developers and computer science majors coming out of Pittsburgh universities.

These solutions will only be successful, however, if they provide value and effectively serve end-user needs. There are many product developers, product managers, engineers, and industrial designers working on this aspect of the business in the Pittsburgh area right now. During this event, you’ll hear from some of them and engage in meaningful conversation around how these technologies are being leveraged to improve all of our everyday lives.


Mill 19 at Hazelwood Green
4501 Lytle St
Pittsburgh, PA 15207