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Welcome to the PDMA Pittsburgh Chapter! As a dynamic hub for professionals in product development, product management, and innovation, our mission is to elevate the performance of individuals and organizations in our field. Throughout the year, we host a variety of educational and networking events designed to foster skill development, share industry best practices, and build meaningful connections among peers.
Explore the PDMA website to discover more about our chapter activities and upcoming events, access contact information for chapter officers, and find valuable resources for your professional growth. Our aim is to cultivate a robust network of local product developers and managers, and provide guidance and inspiration to the upcoming generation of leaders in our industry.
Our Mission
The Pittsburgh Chapter of PDMA is committed to enriching the knowledge base of our members through targeted professional development and educational opportunities. We emphasize collaboration and networking to create a vibrant community of practitioners, academics, and service providers. By engaging with our chapter, members gain professional insights that not only contribute to personal career advancement but also enhance the competitive edge of their organizations, ultimately supporting the economic vitality of the Western Pennsylvania region.
We invite you to join our online community, where you can register for events, connect with fellow product professionals, and engage with a wealth of resources.

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