About the PDMA DACH Community

Since the very beginning of the industrial revolution, Germany, Austria & Switzerland (DACH) have been at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing. Many of the world’s most prestigious companies have started their endeavor to become market leading, global corporations from family-owned small shops in the DACH region. Even today, the economic engine of the DACH region is powered by countless companies, very often family-owned since generations! These companies build on long-term vision and rely on innovation and collaboration for the success of their product development teams in international territories.

PDMA DACH consists of people from the world of innovation and product development. The DACH community should represent the latest status and standards of innovation and product development and will touch on acclaimed experts from industry and academia to encourage input around the most recent and valuable insights! PDMA DACH aims to provide knowledge exchange to the Product People, where product innovators, product managers, product development experts and product enthusiasts from the DACH region across a wide range of experience are interconnected. Leading consultants and research institutes will contribute and provide opportunities for networking on a regular basis.

With the most recent uncertainty and constraints through the pandemic the need and desire to improve positioning, find new markets and sustain revenue from new products and new businesses have increased significantly. Digitalization and changing customer behavior as well as regulations around sustainability and emissions require new business models, new methodologies, and new products! PDMA DACH offers unique insights and cross-industrial knowledge exchange for product developers within the community.


Connecting, Empowering & Growing the Product Innovation Community in the DACH region


To build a vibrant community of practitioners, academics, and service providers that share across different industries, the experiences and knowledge of the principles, practices, and processes of effective product innovation.