PDMA St. Louis: Product Management and the Art of the 1x1: Maximizing Organizational Impact

When:  Apr 12, 2024 from 17:30 to 18:30 (CT)
Associated with  St. Louis, MO

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As product managers, we have a love/hate relationship with meetings. But there’s one specific meeting you should be having more of if you’re looking to level up within your organization. Spoiler alert: it’s the 1x1!

In this presentation, you’ll learn which stakeholders you should be having 1x1s with, how often, and what you should be discussing. You’ll leave with actionable tips to help you transform these mundane meetings into goldmines of ideas and insights, while elevating yourself into the role of a vital connector and influencer within your organization.

About the Speaker

Tracy Parkhurst

Tracy Parkhurst

Tracy is a mission-driven product leader with over 12 years of B2B SaaS experience. She is currently the Senior Director of Product at a behavioral health tech startup, a role she considers both an honor and a privilege.

She approaches product with a healthy disregard for the impossible, pairing deep analytical skills with end-user empathy. Her strategic thinking shines in her ability to navigate challenges, making informed decisions that steer projects towards success.

Her trademark is her innate ability to distill complexity into simplicity and elegance. Dedicated to nurturing and mentoring the next wave of product leaders, Tracy fosters a culture of innovation grounded in understanding and inclusivity.

With her balance of energy and introspection, Tracy is a leader who drives forward with purpose and elevates those around her on the way.