About the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter

Are you involved in any aspect of Product Management in Metro St. Louis? Are you searching for product development networking events or job opportunities? Are you seeking educational opportunities to learn best practices and share knowledge? Are you looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives from world-class product development organizations?  You have come to the right place! We are a professional global association aiming to host regular networking and educational events, about all aspects of Product Management, which will help you develop new skills, learn best practices, and network with your peers


Our vision is to be one stop destination to increase the awareness and value of product development, product management, and innovation among practitioners and organizations in the Metropolitan St. Louis Region.


We strive to build a diverse and inclusive community of practitioners, academics, researchers, and service providers that share experiences and knowledge of the principles, practices, and processes of effective product innovation and product life cycle. Participation in this community will result in professional growth for individuals, an innovation related competitive advantage for their organizations, and the continued economic growth and talent development of the Metropolitan St. Louis Region.

As an all-volunteer organization, we are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to help us plan and execute our regular events. Whether you are currently working in this field or are planning to, you have an opportunity to participate in one of the upcoming events! You will learn new things at every meeting and gain an opportunity to meet new people. Come to our next meeting to find out for yourself.

Join our online community to register for upcoming events, connect with other local product developers, and much more!

It is our goal to continue to grow our strong network of local product developers and managers while providing leadership opportunities to the next generation.