Chapter Membership

The PDMA Egypt chapter is a new and dynamic chapter. It is the only chapter in Africa and the Middle East, with services and content tailored to our national innovators community. Participation in this community will result in professional growth for individuals, an innovation related competitive advantage for their enterprises and the continued economic growth of Egypt.

Why Join?

Benefits of becoming PDMA Egypt Chapter member include:

  • Affiliation to Egypt’s leading product community & Global Leading product innovation association
  • Connecting with peers and networking with industry professionals across wide range of industries sharing best practices and business opportunities both on local and global level.
  • Growing in the product innovation field through access to various knowledge resources including PDMA Body of knowledge, articles, webinars.
  • Mentoring opportunities to support you in your growth in your career.
  • Discounted access to all chapter events including NPDP certification training
  • Priority to registration for NPDP Certification training
  • Opportunity to earn PDHs for your NPDP certification renewal
  • Access to Private Professional Networking Platforms
  • Volunteering opportunities with the PDMA chapter and ambassador program
  • Monthly Connections newsletter

To become a member of the chapter, you must first join the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA). To access the on-line applications, please visit the PDMA website at After joining PDMA, you can then join the local chapter.

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We look forward to your participation in PDMA Egypt chapter and please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Training & Certification

NPDP Certification

NPD Professional Certification will assist you in making important connections in your career. NPD certification will support you in not just understanding but mastering the important concepts related to product development and ensure that you are participating or leading new NPD activities based on proven framework that enables your NPD success.


Training is one of the key pillars for PDMA Egypt chapter, as your professional development as member of Egypt’s top product innovation community is our top priority, we will support your development & training through different methodologies that suits different styles as webinars, physical events & networking events.


Events & Networking

Webinar icon


PDMA Egypt chapter offers special webinars to its members featuring though leaders across different industries. The webinars are tailored for the national needs of PDMA Egypt members and are mostly offered in Arabic Language. The Webinars offers wide range of knowledge to fulfill the specific needs & challenges of the product innovators and the product innovation community in Egypt. The webinars are covering several areas including but not limited to:

  • Product Development Product Strategy
  • Product Design Product Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Product Launch Ideation
  • Concept Generation and Development

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Physical Events

PDMA Egypt Offers a wide range of physical events including but not limited to:

  • PDMA Body of Knowledge Training
  • Student Innovation Contest

Half and Full day workshop on variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Design Thinking
  • Product Development
  • Concept Generation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Product Camp
  • Hands-On Workshop

Networking icon


Joining PDMA Egypt Chapter comes with several networking benefits on both the global and local level including but not limited to:

  • Access the private Linkedin, Facebook groups for PDMA Egypt Chapter
  • Access PDMA Egypt Community on PDMA Egypt Website
  • Access PDMA Global Community of PMDA Global Website
  • Access to PDMA Egypt Virtual Networking events
  • Access to PDMA Egypt Virtual Networking Industry specific groups


Have you every wondered what happened behind the scenes of major success products like iPhone, The Playstation, Toyota Corolla, iPad, Lipitor, Facebook & Instagram. If you would like to take a peak into how to create & lead great product development journey or If you would like to learn, practice & enhance your skills in creating and launching great products or if you are working or have the aspiration to work in new product development, management, marketing, innovation, or design then the New Product Innovation Podcast is the right journey you should embark on.

The product Innovation podcast is tailored to the Egyptian Innovation community, presented in Arabic and features thought leaders from different industries across Egypt.

You can access the Podcast through the different channels below:

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