About Us

PDMA Carolinas brings together entrepreneurs, industrial designers, product developers, product marketers, researchers, and educators from across North and South Carolina. Professionals representing a breadth of industries and expertise enjoy the diverse perspectives represented in our Carolinas Chapter.

The goal of PDMA Carolinas is to help businesses increase and realize their innovation potential. The chapter brings its community value by providing opportunities to learn new ideas, approaches, best practices, latest research, and customer insights from world-class organizations as well as to network with peers through events and meetings throughout the year where the users (new product development practitioners), not just keynote speakers and gurus, take center stage. 

The capstone event of the year is the Innovate Carolina Annual Conference and Student Innovation Competition Showcase where we bring in expert speakers  to build a stronger community of innovation professionals in the Carolinas and highlight the next generation of young innovators.

Chapter Leadership

Our chapter is supported by the consistent and enthusiastic commitment of many people. Serving the chapter in their many roles, the individuals listed below work to bring programming to PDMA members and the product development and management community.

Susan Burek – President
Bruce Harned – Member at Large

Jasmine Howie - Programs
Cheryl Jacobs – Treasurer / Academic Engagement
Doug Powell – Member at Large
Christina Todd – Secretary

Nancy Weekley - Marketing
Jennifer Willson – Direct Communications

Upcoming Events