Past Events

How to 10x Your Product Management with Generative AI

Original Presentation: March 12, 2024

Cultivating Creativity: How to Nurture Innovative Skills in Product Teams

Original Presentation: January 9, 2024

Resilience Is An Inside Job

Original Presentation: November 14, 2023

Mission Driven Innovation

Original Presentation: August 15, 2023

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Building Resilience as We Navigate Change

Original Presentation: June 13, 2023

Pathways to Achieving Innovation

Original Presentation: May 23, 2023

Developing the Right Skills in Product

Original Presentation: March 21, 2023

From Product to the C-Suite January 17, 2023
Foundations 2 February 20, 2018
Foundations 5 January 31, 2018
Crowdsourcing:Tapping the Insights of Your Customers and Fans for New Product Ideas January 2012
Spanning Boundaries! February 2012
Controlled Chaos. November 2011
Leader Agility Matters! November 2011
Designing and Prototyping Your New Idea October 2011
Products vs. Services Development-Exploring the Similarities and Differences September 2011
Fast, Market Driven Innovation August 2011
Profits from Personalities -A Presentation by Blue Mango Innovation LLC June 2011
Innovate Carolina Conference April 2011
Innovation Fast February 2012
Surviving and Thriving in 2011: Local Organizations to Host Marketing Forecast January 2012