PDMA Carolinas: How to 10x Your Product Management with Generative AI

When:  Mar 12, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)
Associated with  Carolinas

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In this cutting-edge webinar, "How to 10x Your Product Management with Generative AI," we delve into the untapped potential of Generative AI to revolutionize your approach to product management. As an experienced product leader, you're well-versed in the challenges and opportunities of the digital era. This session aims to arm you with advanced AI tools and strategies, transforming your product management practice into a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency. We'll explore how Generative AI can be your ace in navigating complex market landscapes, driving product innovation, and crafting compelling customer experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • Mastering Generative AI in Product Management: Uncover the fundamentals and advanced applications of Generative AI, setting the stage for transformative product management practices.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Harness the power of AI to glean actionable insights from vast data, enabling informed, agile decision-making in product development.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience with AI: Learn how Generative AI can be leveraged to tailor products that resonate deeply with evolving customer preferences and behaviors.
  • AI as a Catalyst for Innovation: Explore how to use AI to foster a culture of innovation within your team, from ideation to execution, ensuring your products are always a step ahead.
  • Efficiency and Automation: Discover how automating routine tasks with AI frees up valuable time, allowing you to focus on strategic growth and product leadership.
  • Building custom GPTs: Create custom GPTs that align with the products and industries you work in - no code required.

Designed specifically for seasoned professionals like yourself, this webinar promises to expand your horizons and equip you with the skills to leverage Generative AI effectively. It's about amplifying your expertise with AI's power, enabling you to lead the charge in product management with confidence and foresight. Join us to explore how you can not just adapt but thrive in the AI-augmented world of product management.

About the Speaker

Mike HyzyMike Hyzy, Product Strategy Consultant, Author and Speaker

Mike Hyzy is a distinguished contributor in AI-driven product development, with a rich background in integrating diverse AI technologies such as machine learning, voice recognition, and large language models into successful products. His expertise lies not just in the conceptualization of these advanced technologies but also in their practical application, turning innovative ideas into tangible, market-ready solutions. Mike’s leadership skills are particularly notable in his ability to develop, train, and guide product teams toward executing complex AI projects. His approach blends technical knowledge with a keen understanding of market needs, setting him apart as a leader capable of steering AI initiatives from inception to fruition, ensuring they resonate with users and capture market interest.

In addition to his hands-on product development experience, Mike is also an accomplished author and thought leader. His book, “Gamification for Product Excellence,” delves into the interplay between user engagement and technology, offering innovative perspectives on game mechanics. Mike’s contributions as an expert contributor for the Built In Network and PDMA further solidify his position as an authority on technology and product strategy. He also serves as a guest speaker at universities and conferences, sharing his knowledge and experiences. To delve deeper into his insights and perspectives, you can find Mike on LinkedIn, Substack, and Medium, where he continues to share his expertise and engage with the broader tech and product management community.