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  • Thanks alot Jimish, can you kindly send me your email to contact you directly ? Thanks BR Seif ------------------------------ Seif Abdelghany Local Category Manager Electrolux Major Appliance 10th of Ramadan seif.abdelghany@gmail.com ------------- ...

  • @Seif Abdelghany , @Yohannes Degefu I have been working with Automotive and Industrial Machinery customers in the PLM processes and IT space since 15 years. For training you have a few options based on the need. CIMdata - They have a industry agnostic ...

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  • @Seif Abdelghany - thank you for your question. Although ​I have no experience in the automotive industry, we have had a couple of kHUB posts from some in that space. You might want to reach out to Anjani Kumar Budhadev   https://community.pdma.org/knowledgehub/blogs/anjani-kumar-budhadev1/2020/06/17/key-capabilities-for-managing-products-in-auto-oem ...

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