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  • At our company we leverage a number of methodologies and what we call a full-stack product development team. This means we run small teams that have leads that represent marketing, technology, business, research and design (big d). We typically focus ...

  • Brian, Those are really good thoughts. I'd also supply that testing an MVP is the most meaningful and important step in every product development. Poor quality or incompleteness of MVP tests may entail a wrong estimate of the future product and, eventually, ...

  • Since 2012, Actuation Consulting has done research to expand knowledge of the common factors driving high performance teams, explaining why some product teams excel while others struggle. Their seventh study of product teams focuses on understanding the ...

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Chapter Leadership

Our chapter is supported by the consistent and enthusiastic commitment of many people. Serving the chapter in their many roles, the individuals listed below work to bring programming to PDMA members and the product development and management community.

Gerard Ryan – President
Doug Thomson – Vice President, Academic Liaison
Craig Hillyer – Vice-President - Professional Practice

Most Active Members