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The importance of innovation in a country's economic growth is increasingly being recognised by both industry and government. This is reflected in the fact that innovation contributes approximately 50 per cent of long term economic growth in advanced industrialised countries (OECD 1996). 

However, the innovation agenda in Australia is lagging behind that of other industrialised countries. One of the many reasons for this is the lack of a commonly accepted definition of what constitutes 'innovation'.  This definitional problem results in a lack of cohesion and alignment between government policy makers (who create an environment to encourage business innovation) and firms who actually derive business value from undertaking and implementing innovation.

At the same time, experience internationally is showing that investment in traditional product-focused R&D is not delivering the business value from innovation as expected. For this reason, more mature firms now accept that innovation must permeate all aspects of a firm's operations as well as corporate strategy.

The Product Development and Management Association of Australia (PDMAA) is the Australian chapter of the U.S. based, PDMA - the world's largest and oldest organisation committed to innovation and product development.
PDMA Australia is dedicated to providing resources for the professional development, information sharing, collaboration and promotion among executives, management and practitioners of new product and service innovation across Australia.

Building on this professional network and global reach, PDMA Australia is firmly establishing itself as the thought-leader in the topic of innovation and as a result, is uniquely positioned to help make a significant contribution to the innovation agenda in Australia.


To improve Australia's national innovative capacity through facilitating and advocating innovation throughout the community and by harnessing the resources and experience of the world's oldest and largest organisation committed to innovation and product development.

The Objectives of PDMA Australia are threefold:

  • To provide awareness among the Australian business community and government on the importance of innovation to the national economic wellbeing of Australia
  • To provide access to both global and local education, best practice material and knowledge that will  improve professional capabilities in new product and service innovation management across all major sectors of the economy; and
  • To facilitate and encourage innovation activity among individuals and organisations within the community.

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