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7 Lessons from Virtual Team Meetings During the Pandemic

Read time: 6 minutes The kHUB Curator Team members have each been assigned a BoK section to own. This includes seeking, editing and sharing content related to that section. The curators are also sharing their perspective of various sub-sections of their chapter and contributing personal...

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Turbo-charging Telemedicine

Read time: 6 minutes The categorization of COVID-19 as a global pandemic is turbo-charging traditional health care firms' efforts toward the provisioning of digital and virtual healthcare in an attempt to treat the masses while minimizing risk to the limited pool of care providers. Far too...

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An Open Letter from the Product Development and Management Association

Read time: 1 minute African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and other peoples deal with systemic racism every day of their lives. PDMA is committed to unifying activities that create positive experiences for members and non-members alike, thereby enabling growth and success both...

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CPG talents meet the needs of the COVID-19 Crisis

Read time: 2 minutes At a time when there’s a lot of difficult information to absorb, we wanted to provide some bright, happy news about a corporate partnership that quickly pivoted to do some good in local communities. As part of PepsiCo’s ongoing efforts to provide relief to people...

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PDMA Professionals: Bringing Innovation to the Front Lines of the Global Pandemic

Read time: 4 minutes Click here to download a PDF copy of this press release. The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) community has come together, within the organization and at member companies, to answer the global call to arms from the health care community. Here are a...