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Achieving Quality and Speed in Three Easy Hacks 

08-12-2020 15:32

Achieving Quality and Speed ... With Three Easy Hacks
Presenter: Lauren Lackey, Principal, Rewired Group

With tighter timelines and quickly changing preferences in the market, tips to move product development in the right direction are incredibly valuable. Bring back the passion for product without sacrificing time. Create value: better, faster and cheaper. How do we stop thinking in terms of time and start thinking in terms of a system — creating successful innovation again? There are three key steps that can start us back on the right path, achieving the right product at the right cost, in the right time. 1) Understand the consumers' struggle and translate it to design. 2) See every opportunity as a system. 3) Measure what is important to the consumer, not the internal community. Introducing: GREEN LINE DEVELOPMENT

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