Chicago Chapter Has Notable History

In 1979, a young Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) held its annual conference in Chicago. Al Page and Larry Feldman attended the event together and left energized to start a local chapter which we know today as PDMA Chicago. They co-founded the Chicago chapter in 1980 and by 1986 had built up the local membership to over 100 professionals who shared their passion for product development. They held chapter meetings three to four times a year.

By the early 1990s, energy had dissipated. With no one to take up the call, the chapter waned for a few years. It started up again quietly in the late 1990s. In 2002, it experienced a renaissance led by Eric Heinekamp, then a manager at Bank One. Learning from the past, Eric recognized that the key to a chapter’s health and sustainability was the formation of a chapter board and the discipline of succession planning. So, he called together some volunteers and he formed a board which takes seriously the discipline of succession planning.

In October 2004, when the International PDMA Conference came to Chicago, Chicago hosted the PDMA booth right next to a special Chicagoland Gallery of Products. Both were successful new approaches that set a standard for future International conferences and established a strong relationship with the International PDMA Headquarters.

The chapter has been active in building the relationship between the international association and the local chapters, including helping to develop a new model for the chapter structure and proving templates and learnings to help fledgling chapters in other areas.

Chicago coordinates with the PDMA Midwest regional chapters, including Cincinnati, Minnesota, Northeast Ohio, St. Louis, Michigan and Wisconsin and collaborates with the Chicagoland PMI, Licensing Executives Society, AME chapters and other local associations to provide a greater array of programs to members.

Chicago continues to grow and puts on a regular program of five to six programs per year which typically includes at least one half-day conference. The chapter has over 200 local members and puts on a regular program schedule of five to six programs per year which includes at least one half-day conference that draws delegates from around the Midwest, drawing 30 to 80 attendees to events. Our current programming incorporates: 

  • Learn - Increase your knowledge and skills within product development
  • Meet - Connect with others in product development to grow your network for sharing best practices
  • Enjoy - product development is fun and so can be learning.  Making events enjoyable adds to the learning and the connections we make.
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