PDMA St. Louis: Estimating & Forecasting: Sorcery or Science?

When:  Jul 18, 2024 from 18:30 to 19:30 (CT)
Associated with  St. Louis, MO

PDH Credit: 1

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Many struggle with the mystery of how to confidently set a feature, epic, MVP, or other target date with the many known unknowns of agile software development. Sometimes, any sort of estimation or date “commitment” feels like a gamble, and failure undermines trust and confidence in your product delivery. Yet, working with your team and others to scope, estimate, and forecast with varying degrees of fidelity doesn’t have to be an impossible task accessible only to Product Wizards of the Dark Arts. In this session, I’ll propose some methods for estimating and forecasting work, long- and short-term, share an Excel template you can start using immediately, and we’ll open up discussion to help break down the barriers you face in your work so you can demonstrate your Product Wizardry and deliver with higher degrees of success and confidence.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the importance of estimating & forecasting as a critical stakeholder management tool.
  • 3 Approaches for Estimating & Forecasting
    • WAG/SWAG
    • Complexity Scoring
    • Historical Extrapolation
  • Approach Pros & Cons

About the Speaker

Kristina Glynn

Kristina Glynn

Kristina is a Product Management leader with 15+ years of experience leading agile product teams to design and build products and services in a variety of industries. Her experience includes leading product portfolios and their organizations through the product lifecycle, from ideation to sunset and everything in between. Her product leadership has established a track record of successful product launches including SaaS Applications, Professional Services, Marketing Websites, and more.