PDMA Pakistan: Design Thinking

When:  Aug 23, 2022 from 09:00 to 17:00 (PKT)
Associated with  Pakistan
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PDH Credit: 1

This webinar will be hosted in Urdu / English.


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The problems designers, business owners, and engineers face today are in a whole new level of scale compared to the challenges we’ve faced in the past few decades. In a largely globalised world, where the changes in economic and natural resources can be felt halfway around the globe, our challenges are becoming more intertwined with the systems that connect us all. To solve the new wave of problems we face today and in the future, we need a new kind of thinking, a new approach towards innovation. Design Thinking is a large part of that new approach towards innovation, as it allows people, teams, and organisations to have a human-centred perspective, and yet a scientific approach, towards solving a problem.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is Design Thinking?
  • What is Design Innovation?
  • What are the elements of Design Thinking?
  • How Design Thinking leads to Sustainable Innovation?

About the Speaker

Mr Ibrar HussainMr. Ibrar Hussain, CEO, 7th Sense, Lahore, Pakistan

Co-Founder & CEO of (7TH Sense Designs Innovation Firm) Corporate Innovation Consultant and design thinking practitioner, Mr. Hussain is helping organizations to solve complex challenges and to design innovative products and services by practicing the Human Centered Design Thinking Approach. With Design Innovation, he helps business strategists, product and service designers, and entrepreneurs to define the problem, generate ideas, develop innovative solutions and implement those innovative solutions in a continuous improvement cycle. His Innovation Philosophy allows him to build deep relationships with clients, focuses on the human aspect of product design. He is very passionate about creating truly innovative products and services that people love. His goal, through design innovation, is to help brand the products they encompass and the services that support them, into higher performing assets for the business, the people, and the customers they serve.


University of Central Punjab
Johar Town