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Product Management after the pandemic

  • 1.  Product Management after the pandemic

    Posted 10 days ago

    I have read some articles (, ) and watched TV news about the reopening of the US business sector after the pandemic. However, I was wondering how this would affect Product Managers and Developers? The most productive and innovative Product Teams I have been associated with work closely together often in the same buildings. They meet in person on an ongoing basis to work on problems and determine needs for new products. How will this change as people go back to work?

    Rose Klimovich
    Manhattan College
    Riverdale NY

  • 2.  RE: Product Management after the pandemic

    Posted 9 days ago
    Hi Rose,

          that's a great question, I am not based in the US but I can tell you that this has been affecting my work. I am a product manager and I workd in product development from ideation to launch and eventhough I work with a global team that most of it is abroad so I am working remotely in a big chunk of the time but I have big team locally whom I meet on regular basis and eventhough virtual discussions can get it done but the human interaction will remain the best at all times as you get to see the body language and have the presence that enables the people to have more authentic discussion and experience.

    Also the coffee talks, corridor discussions, all of this is non existent in the virtual world unless you schedule it.

    I believe that this an opportunity to a trend of new solutions to solve this problem. A crazy idea is the hologram solutions, eventhough infrastructure and technologys has long time to be ammortized and be at the reasonable price and easier solution as having it in the camera of your laptop :-D

    I hope this answers your question

    Seif Abdelghany
    Local Category Manager
    Electrolux Major Appliance
    10th of Ramadan

  • 3.  RE: Product Management after the pandemic

    Posted 6 days ago
    Great question, Rose!
    I have typically worked on diverse cross-functional, multi-location product development teams.  Regular team "meetings" via phone calls are critical. Regular video calls improve the team performance.  Periodic in-person meetings are even better.  If the expectations are set initially regarding shared files and folders, digital/virtual access and intentional introductions/onboarding of team members, a vitual team can work really well.

    [Sue] [Burek] [NPDP]
    [kHUB Administrator]
    [Huntersville] [NC]

  • 4.  RE: Product Management after the pandemic

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi Rose!
    I may have a bit of a contrarian position here - but I believe that Covid19 just sped up trend that was already in place. More remote work, virtual offices, were already trending up.

    For a balanced discussion of in office vs virtual work settings, I think we also should acknowledge that there's lots of wasted time in the office! Productivity lost by your cubicle neighbors dropping by to say hello. In the office setting, we often go out to lunch. That's going to take at least an hour if not more. When working from the home office, much less time is spent there. Not to mention the wasted time (and cost) of a commute.

    Also, most modern offices seem to be designed with the false idea that we are all extroverts. They removed the blinds from the offices and have been tearing down cubicle walls. However, many people are more productive if they can retain a bit of privacy and keep a barrier from unwanted interruptions.

    For 90% of the time, I believe that a team can be just as productive when working remotely. For the remaining 10% of the time, this is when your team is tackling a truly difficult problem - for which it can be useful to gather in a room around a whiteboard. But even there, there solutions available. Companies (like have remote brainstorming solutions. And for when you need to execute your voice of the customer process, my company ( has tools to execute that virtually.

    I think the biggest hurdle to working with teams virtually is that we may have to work a bit harder to build trust, to build relationships. But again, there are solutions! It could mean being a little careful with the wording of an email. But also, maybe send a colleague a "happy birthday" note on their special day! And for sticky situations, pick up the phone and try to talk through things.

    With investments in the relationships - and adoption of some new tools - my position is that working virtually can be just as productive, if not more so!

    William Burleson
    The AIM Institute
    Pittsboro NC