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  • 1.  Definition of Innovation

    Posted 04-16-2020 15:43
    I was listening to The Everyday Innovator Podcast with Chad McAllister interviewing Alex Goryachev, Director of Innovation at Cisco.

    It is an interesting podcast where Alex talks about his new book, Fearless Innovation, and describes a number of case studies of organisations that have created significant value through innovation. They include Lego, Dyson, Wikipedia and TripAdvisor. The full podcast is available here and well worth a listen.

    He mentioned his definition of innovation, which I found quite compelling: "I define innovation as the ability to notice the environment and create and/or respond to change. It's our ability to execute with others and move our organizations forward.​"  Innovation is a much overuse term I find these days, so I think it's important that an organisation agrees on their own definition of what innovation means to them. We recently defined ours as "The application of novel ideas to deliver business value."

    Has anyone else worked on a definition within your own organisation and is willing to share it here?​i

    Brian Martin