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  • 1.  Developing CubeSats

    Posted 05-06-2024 01:57

    Hello everyone!

    I'm excited to share with you the launch of my new book co-authored with Paris Chrysos, titled 'CubeSats: Invading and Shaping the Space Industry'. This book dives into the revolutionary world of CubeSats-miniaturized satellites that are redefining space exploration and technology development. In this book, we explore how these tiny yet powerful tools are breaking barriers and opening up new frontiers for academic, commercial, and governmental entities alike.

    The book presents a comprehensive analysis of how nano-satellite developers are not just participants but active shapers of a new technological paradigm. Here's what makes this book a must-read for those involved in product development and innovation:

    1) Learn from extensive case studies that detail the journey from conceptual design to deployment of CubeSats, highlighting the challenges and innovative solutions developed along the way.

    2) The development of CubeSats exemplifies agile and adaptive strategies in high-stake environments-key takeaways for any product developer looking to streamline processes and foster innovation.

    3) Discover the collaborative efforts across various disciplines, demonstrating the integration of diverse expertise in achieving a common goal. 

    This book is also a guide on how these (and other) principles can be applied to enhance product development processes in any industry.

    For more information, and to secure your copy, visit this webpage: CubeSats: Invading and Shaping the Space Industry

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    CubeSats: Invading and Shaping the Space Industry
    Providing a fascinating view into the creation of CubeSats, this book outlines their metamorphic role in democratizing space exploration. Paris Chrysos and Francesco Paolo Appio delve into the novel world of satellite innovation, showcasing how revolutionary CubeSats have been in shaping the future of space technology.
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    I look forward to your thoughts and discussions on this transformative journey in the world of satellites and beyond!



    Francesco Appio
    Full Professor
    Department of Management
    Paris School of Business
    75013, Paris

  • 2.  RE: Developing CubeSats

    Posted 05-08-2024 22:55

    Francesco - 

    This sounds very interesting!

    Might you be interested in sharing your insights on the topic at a webinar?  Or writing a summary to be posted on our Knowledge Hub?

    [Sue] [Burek] [NPDP]
    [kHUB Administrator]
    [Huntersville] [NC]

  • 3.  RE: Developing CubeSats

    Posted 05-09-2024 01:39

    Hi Sue,

    thanks for your massage. We would certainly be interested in posting a summary ob the KHUB, let me know how long that should be.

    I will also discuss about the possibility of a webinar with my co-author and let you know.

    Best wishes and thanks again for the opportunity,


    Francesco Appio
    Full Professor
    Paris School of Business