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How to deal with #Irrelevant #information overload ?

By Seif Abdelghany posted 01-09-2020 11:17


The probelm that all of #product #managers face these days is information overload and not just any information but irrelavnt information disguised in sort of data that can be uncovering good business oppurtunity.

there are several ways to access #data and information and maybe the too much varierty of methadologies as much as they are helpful in better filteration and verification of data as much as they are very unhelpful in losing focus and disbursing efforts in wrong directions.

Dealing with irrelevant information can onlly be dealt with by Focusing efforts around the main theme of the product / main pain point with all us being as complementary addition to create the right #ECO system around the product.

Trying to tackle several pain points at any one time can have a double negative effect in not solving any pain point at all.

Having clear Product Innovation Charter (PIC) and always refering to it will minimize the scope & irrelevant information creep usually cauing new product development to go off target.

For people familiar with project management, product innovation charter is like the project charter but done on a product instead of a project.


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