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Product Positioning

By Seif Abdelghany posted 12-11-2019 13:13

Product Positioning

Several companies struggle to position themselves and their product correctly in the market and one of the major mistakes they fall in is the lack of consistency in their positioning statement/management.

The key to successful positioning is consistency consistency consistency & repetition repetition repetition.*

I believe that change is for certain your worst enemy when it comes to positioning especially on the short term as it confuses your customers and put your product at a peculiar position.

One of the main problems I have seen in the home appliances business is that several companies are launching new products that are not focusing on solving the consumer number one problem but are solving the consumer number 4,5,7 problems. This kind of launch is usually perceived as nice by the customer that some customers may actually buy it but it lacks the WOW effect. 

That WOW effect is the same effect the customers had when the Ipod or playstation or mobile phone was launched. That kind of WOW effect that you get when truly solving your customer's number 1 problem.

And this doesn't mean that your product launch effect must measure up to the Ipod or the mobile phone, but it needs to be at the same level of solving a truly unique problem that your customers have aka "Their Primary Concern".

*Quoted from Lawson Abinanti