PDMA Netherlands: Introduction to Collective Leadership

When:  Jul 8, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM (NL)

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To deal with the complexity and volatility of the world, leaders must do more than simply develop horizontally by accumulating more of the same type of skills and knowledge. Today’s challenges call for ‘vertical development’. This means developing ‘the ability to think in more complex, systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways’.

Central in collective leadership is the body-based assessment called The Leader Being Strength Indicator [LBSI] which fast embodied insights into different leadership styles.

PresenceAtWork has collected extensive data about the impact of LBSI from testing, observing and interviewing people in different team settings. Their methodology draws on both ancient and modern approaches, including the chakras of Indian spiritual thinking, the martial art of Aikido, and the nine personality types of the Enneagram model of the human psyche.

Each of the nine LBSI strengths is located in one of three ‘information centres’ in the body - head, heart, and gut. Some people’s profiles have predominantly head, heart or gut strengths, while others have strengths across all three information centres.

Roelien discovered a preferred pace and rhythm for each profile dimension, e.g. working in rapid, short bursts of activity, or working at a slow, steady pace. On top of this, she observed that each dimension was associated with a preferred ‘operational energy’ - anticipating, driving, or holding energy. Different types of energy can complement each other in working relationships.

About the Session

This 90-min experiential session will be co-facilitated by Roelien Bokxem and Jorn Wolfs from PresenceAtWork. PresenceAtWork is specialised in Collective Leadership: an agile, embodied and systemic way of leading together. Introducing Collective Leadership is a powerful way to increase engagement and have people take ownership for the whole, in order to intentionally create culture together and fuel growth. In this interactive introduction you will learn more about this leading-edge approach to leadership, and have some first experiences with it yourself.

About the Presenters

Roelien Bokxem

Roelien BokxemRoelien Bokxem is founder and principal of PresenceAtWork, through which she offers a clear and tested road map to transform organisations through implementing a new way of leading together: systemic, agile and using one’s whole-body intelligence – in head, heart and gut.

She leverages many years of experience as a certified coach and experiential facilitator, combined with leading-edge research and insights into embodied and systemic leadership.

As a facilitator of people transformation and profound culture change, Roelien has supported organisations across Europe, North-America and Asia. As Director of the Collective Leadership Council, she is involved with the Conference Board, a corporate membership organisation based in New York – Brussels – Singapore.

Jorn Wolfs

Jorn WolfsJorn Wolfs is partner and facilitator at PresenceAtWork, responsible for the daily operation and implementing collective leadership at clients.

After finishing his Tax Law master in 2010, Jorn worked as an international tax advisor and participated in PresenceAtWork’s core programme with his team in 2011. Being profoundly impacted by the programme experience and looking for an opportunity to include more “heart intelligence” into his work, he decided to pursue a career change.

At first combining his tax advisory work with growing into his new role at PresenceAtWork. Soon compelled to make the fulltime switch. He became a co-owner in October 2018.

About PresenceAtWork

PresenceAtWork is a leadership development company based in the Netherlands, specialised in collective leadership, an agile way of leading together. Through our embodied approach to leadership and understanding systemic principles, we empower leaders to collaborate and innovate together more effectively. As a result, silo behavior transmutes to a powerful sense of ownership for the whole. People at all levels are energised to contribute.

Our leading-edge models are focused on leadership embodiment and based on the premise that answers to complex challenges will emerge from the collective wisdom. Our clients develop a wide range of new differentiating competencies that enable them to lead people transformation initiatives in their organisations, and that are essential for sustainability in today’s dynamic environment.

PresenceAtWork’s activities are designed for corporate leaders to grow and test themselves. Our programmes have many levels of learning to create a unique learning experience.